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Do away with expense reporting headaches with expense report software

Expense reporting might seem like a minute activity in the bigger course of business operations but for employees preparing expense reports and for those performing other roles in the chain, it can throw up quite a number of headaches. Expense report software helps organizations get rid of them. Let’s see how.

Lost receipts: Our organizations don’t allow us to submit expense reports without receipts, and all of us, no matter how careful we are, lose our receipts one time or another. So, how do we handle such a situation? Do we forego the reimbursement or do we ask the vendor to send us another receipt?

The good news is, with expense software, you don’t have to do either. As soon as you make the expense and get the receipt, you can prepare the expense report, take a picture of the receipt and attach it to the report, and save the report for future use. As you make further expenses, you can add them to the same expense report, attach receipts, and save it. Once you are done with the trip, you can submit the report. This way, you can set the process of verification and reimbursement in motion even before you come back to your workplace.

Long processing times: This is something else most organizations are plagued with. It takes a long time for an expense report to be verified and expenses to be reimbursed. These long processing times act as a strain on the productivity of the entire business. The reasons for this are the bottlenecks created due to excessive paperwork and manual processes.

With expense report software, you can do away with delays and long processing times as well. The software helps you reduce the time taken to verify and audit a report and, through automation, helps the process move along fast.  


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